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Take Your Child On A Food Tour


Waiting for our food tour to begin... Waiting for our food tour to begin…

We’re lucky.

Our children were born and raised in Hawaii, the most racially diverse state in the United States as there is no real majority.   With 23% of Hawaii residents claiming to be multi-ethnic (two or more races), in Hawaii you’ll find many groups adding their own variety of culture to our local way of life. Therefore, introducing our children to different cultural foods was easy because we had access to so much variety.

As we began to travel, our childrens tolerance for adapting to different cuisines never became an issue. They ate whatever was being eaten at the table in whatever country we were in. But as our children grew, so did their interest in the foods they were eating. They now wanted to know more about “what” they were eating and how it was prepared. They started to compare who had the best…

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Hsinbyume Pagoda, Mingun (& take your sunglasses!) – near Mandalay, Myanmar

14 Weeks Worth of Socks

Hsinbyume Pagoda or Myatheindan Pagoda is a dazzling white pagoda in the township of Mingun.  It was very quiet and peaceful when we visited, and I’m afraid our crappy camera didn’t do it justice.  It was so bright, that most of the photos are just a blur of white, so please excuse them and assume the place was a thousand times prettier than they show.

The pagoda was built-in 1816 by Prince Bagyidaw and built-in memory of his wife who died during childbirth. Today it is visited by Buddhists giving offerings and lighting incense at the top of the temple, and increasingly tourists trying to capture that perfect shot and take numerous selfies.

The top is also a great way to admire the view of the nearby Mingun Pagoda and the surrounding area.

Like all temples and pagodas, you will need to remove your shoes and socks before you enter the…

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Key West, work & play but mostly work.

My husband and I were in Key West this weekend to shoot a wedding (Wilhelmina Weddings), and the rehearsal dinner the night before. This is my second time to Key West and not my last. We have another wedding there coming up later in the year! It was, however, my husbands first time.  I have to admit that I wasn’t as impressed with Key West my first visit as I was this time around. I think it had to do with the weather, our schedule, but most of all the company. Happiness is certainly better shared. The first time I was there, it was HOT. I couldn’t quite understand the Key West hype, and thought maybe it’s just a party person kind of thing! Well, this time, the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Sun shining, cool breeze, beautiful light. The town was alive with a bunch of people out and…

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Ha Long Bay Cruise

An attempt at travel blogging

IMG_6685We went on a 2 night cruise at Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. The boat was beautiful – Our room was so big we even had our own private deck and a jacuzzi. The deck and windows overlooked the bay the entire time we were cruising. We were so over-fed by the end of the 3 days. Each lunch and dinner had at least 4 courses, all of which were delicious. So good. And then there was happy hour… everyday at 5pm.


On our first day we visited some local fishing villages. The area is heritage listed and the villages are likely going to be relocated to the land at some point but currently there are hundreds of boats housing fishing families. Recently, a school boat was added which some local children attend.

We were rowed by locals who spoken no english except for the word “bye”.


On our second day we climbed…

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So, You Want to Vacation on Oahu…

Motley Missions

From time to time, I get asked about vacationing on Oahu. I’m going to try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, and maybe someone will happen upon this post and find it helpful.

What airport do I fly into? The only airport you can fly into on Oahu is the Honolulu International Airport (airport code HNL).

Where should I stay? If you are staying at a hotel, you really only have 3 options:

Aulani Disney Resort in Ko Olina – Ko Olina (Koh Oh-leenah) is on the west, or leeward side of the island, the opposite direction from the airport than Waikiki. It’s a Disney resort, and as such you will pay the price for the name. On average, around $300/night.  They include a bunch of stuff at the resort in the price.

Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore – The North Shore is…

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Picture Perfect Hoi An



SEAsia14__0400I’m finally back to show you guys more pictures from our incredible Southeast Asia trip. I have been especially excited to share about this part of the trip because it was hands down our favorite.

Hoi An is a small city along the coast in central Vietnam. The ancient city center served as an important trading port from the 15th-19th centuries and is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. French and Japanese influences are rich, evident in the food, the beautiful mustard yellow buildings and the ancient sites. For such a small place to visit, there is really SO much to do here. We were so content walking or riding our bikes around the perfectly preserved old town with it’s French architecture, the classical music that plays through the street lights with shops and markets and food stalls filled our eyes and stomachs with delight. At night the…

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Burj Khalifa- Top Down

Pieces of My Life

No trip to the UAE is complete without having visited Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Located in Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa is connected to Dubai Mall and next to Souq Al Bahar so spending the whole day there is really not out of the question. There are two ways to really enjoy this experience… bottom up and top down 😛

Top down means making your way to the Burj Khalifa observation deck to take in the view of the city.

20120712_150820 Burj Khalifa – Looking Up

Ticket prices range between AED 125 and 500 for adults depending on the type of ticket you decide to purchase (if you’re going to Level 124 or Level 148). Tickets can be bought either at the counter or online but I would personally recommend buying the tickets online to avoid long queues and disappointment of not being able to get in when…

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Moab, Utah!



I had never even heard of Moab, so to say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Let me fill you in if you are in the dark like I was.  I asked Eric as we were driving through Utah for the umpteenth time where we could see the rock formation on their license plates. Turns out, we were driving right by it on the way back from Idaho. The Moab National Park is about thirty minutes off the interstate, but it is a drive worth making. You cant get quite as close to the arch as I thought driving through, however driving to the arch was some of the prettiest scenery ive seen in my life. You can see where the water that use to be there has beaten on the rocks. Its really humbling to see.


This was on the drive on the way to the…

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